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William Yuan

With over two decades of global finance experience, Mr. Yuan has served as a key strategist and advisor to international institutions. Mr. Yuan began his career in M&A at Goldman Sachs, followed by Morgan Stanley. Mr. Yuan led Merrill Lynch Asset Management Asia and managed one of the largest pension/retirement funds in the world-- with a $488 billion portfolio under his leadership. Over his long career, Mr. Yuan has been involved with 81 IPOs.

Paul Meissner

As head of RDC, Paul leverages his global technology operations track record in disruptive products and Fortune 500 tech giants to ensure rapid deployment and quality, while implementing sustainable solutions to the maximum possible extent. Paul is also the CEO of Energy Everywhere, Inc., RDC’s partner as a global leader in the development and deployment of distributed energy solutions.

Reyad Fezzani

Mr. Fezzani has more than 20 years of experience in energy and finance for utility scale and distributed energy projects. Mr. Fezzani was CEO of BP Solar and Chairman of Tata-BP Solar. He previously served as President of BP's Global Wind and Solar business.

Mike Sutten

Mike served for five years as the CTO and Deputy CIO for the U.S. Government’s Central Intelligence Agency where he was recognized for exemplary leadership and service. Mike is the former SVP, Information Technology & CTO at Kaiser Permanente. He has extensive private sector and government experience in technology and innovation. Mike brings over 20 years of CTO and CIO leadership experience with Fortune 500 organizations including Royal Caribbean Cruises, Koch Industries, Sybase, General Electric and General Dynamics.

Robert Riegle

Senior Executive in Private Sector and Government for the past two decades. National and International Security expert with proven results in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations. Co-author on numerous seminal national security related policy and operational documents and briefs. Public speaker with nearly 200 public and press engagements. Problem solver in industry with outstanding growth accomplishments leading to over $2 billion in contract awards directly related to business development practices. Selected to participate in numerous US State Department sponsored trade missions. Briefed Congressional members and staff over 100 times on issues related to National and International Security matters.

Justin Sullivan

Formerly Senior Business Operations Manager & Commercial Leader at GE. Justin has held many commercial leadership roles with GE’s energy and financing units. As Senior Business Operations Manager and Commercial Leader for GE’s Renewable Hybrids unit, Justin led origination, development and financing efforts for hybrid energy projects. Prior to this role, Justin was a founding member of the Distributed Energy Solutions incubator at GE Power. With a strong background in financial structuring, Justin spent 10+ years at GE Capital in various capacities including Managing Director of GE Corporate Finance. GE Corporate Finance was sold to Wells Fargo in a $30B transaction in 2015.

Leo Chan

Seasoned finance and technology professional who has worked with Fortune 500 companies in Asia, Europe and North America. Mr. Chan specializes in financial services, supply chain management and next generation telecommunications technology. He spearheaded billion of dollars in foreign direct investment projects into China as early as the 1990's. He co-founded technology startups in the United States since 2004 and led mergers and acquisitions in North America and Asia since mid 2005.

Michael Sung

Prof. Michael Sung is a technology venture builder and investor, having founded various companies over the years in diverse high-tech industries ranging from AI, blockchain, semiconductor and new materials industries. He is focused on developing finance innovation policy in his role as faculty at the Chinese Institute of Economics and Finance.

Philip Eggen

Philip Eggen has worked in all aspects of IT for over 8 years. He founded his first company with Tim Sanders. Philip’s team raised $3.7M, after which the coin appreciated in value 100x. After selling his company coins, Microsoft’s Creative Director took Philip's place. In 2018, Philip created TuneTrade, a tokenization and exchange built in one, complete with profiling for influencers and brands targeted to millennials.

Eddie Yao

Eddie leads the effort for Silk Road Economic Belt policy with China state owned corporations in South Asia with particular expertise in developing renewable energy power plants. Eddie has experience managing and developing sales, field applications support and distribution sales operations in Asia Pacific as well as identifying and developing new markets and applications for products in the semiconductor industry. Eddie accelerates the pipeline via specific marketing initiatives intended to grow revenue and market share in targeted verticals. Eddie successfully completed market penetration strategies and built strong relationships with distributors and partners in Asia Pacific region.

Janet Finkel

Highly accomplished and strategic marketing and sales executive with over 30 years of experience. Janet has a proven track record of building businesses and brands, assembling teams and creating strategic partnerships -- positioning companies for growth. Janet has C-suite leadership experience in assembling technology and infrastructure projects globally. At RDC, Janet continues to apply her experience in these capacities. Janet is a graduate of Cornell University with a major in Applied Economics and Public Policy.

At its essence, sustainability means ensuring prosperity and environmental protection without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

UN Secretary-General, Ban-Ki Moon



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