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Tackling the world’s global energy crisis through innovations in technology and finance.


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Helping the planet meet the need for sustainable energy.


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Future proofing cities for a changing planet.


Energy for
What’s ahead

Helping the planet meet the need for sustainable energy


In the face of the dramatic increase in the use of electricity as well as utility bankruptcies, severe weather and catastrophic events– there has never been a more urgent time than now to transform how the world gets its power. Add to that, there are 5B people who either have inadequate power or none at all. Especially hard hit are regions with large, geographically rural areas. No matter where you turn, the cost of traditional grid solutions is a fundamental barrier to economic growth, commercial and industrial development and the security of critical assets and populations.


Renewable Development Corporation (RDC) specializes in renewable energy and smart grid development worldwide. We focus on resilient and smart city design, the implementation thereof and development of projects in Europe, North America and Asia. Addressing the world’s global energy crisis through innovations in technology and finance is at the heart of what we do. RDC is committed to transforming energy so it brings affordable, resilient power on demand — paid for as it is used. Our projects benefit global populations and bring economic growth while respecting the environment and providing outstanding returns to investors.

A Comprehensive
Holistic Solution

RDC has the comprehensive holistic solution: a network of power nodes that create a collection of distributed energy systems addressing the urgent need for resilient power for businesses, institutions and communities. Because of our strong partnerships with major energy companies and international banks, RDC brings not only technology and site-specific power installations, but also large-scale renewable infrastructure and finance to the fore.

Our power nodes emanate from microgrids that are located on site at our customers. We also develop large scale wind, solar and storage resources so that our customers can achieve 100% clean renewable power. RDC brings its unique market approach and project pipeline to create a complete financial and promotional platform for delivering energy for businesses, consumers and institutional investors.





Challenges We
Take on

RDC tackles projects across the following key segments to ensure sustainable renewable energy and resilient digital infrastructure for our planet.

Green Data Centers
Green data centers are repositories for the storage, management and dissemination of data in which the mechanical, lighting, electrical and computer systems are designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact.
Combined Heat & Power Stations
By ingeniously combining heat and energy uses of the power station, the efficiency for the power station can sometimes be between 75 and 90 percent, whereas for power alone it may be 20 to 35 percent, depending on the technologies implemented.
Single & Multi-Node Microgrids
Microgrids are power systems with generation, storage and control which can operate independently or be connected to the grid. A single node microgrid is just one iteration of a storage and control instance. If there are multiple microgrids all connected together, it is similar to having a single data center for a company or having 10 data centers all talking to each other and close to one another.

Industrial Single Tenant & Multi Tenant Campuses
This statement refers to any user or set of users that are powered by microgrids. For example: a single industrial tenant might be a semiconductor chip factory from Intel or a single campus of Google. A multi-tenant campus is like an industrial park where retail, residential and industrial users may all be drawing from the same power source.
Resilient Cities
Resilient cities are cities that have the ability to absorb, recover and prepare for future shocks (economic, environmental, social, infrastructural and institutional). Resilient cities promote sustainable development, well-being and inclusive growth for all of its citizens.



The Perfect Fit

Based on our client's need, RDC offers the perfect fit of power capacity, quality, response and grid interconnect based on our core technology, strong supplier network and pipeline of projects. 

RDC offers the full range of financing services, with our key strength emanating from extremely strong digital and FinTech capabilities. These capabilities lower cost and provide our clients with increased flexibility. Our unique operational approach prioritizes strong partnerships between local government agencies, local regulators, local utilities, local private companies and users.



Benefits of
Distributed Energy & Microgrids

By 2026, the Distributed Energy Resources market will reach $275B annually -- with the microgrid segment alone representing > 20% CAGR forecasted over the next seven years. 

This growth alone attests to the power of microgrid based solutions which when combined with a diverse mix of energy sources such as energy storage, solar, combined heat and power, energy monitoring and control solutions, unlocks savings for customers. It also frees up equity investments opportunities in clean, distributed generation with third-party capital.

Distributed Energy Systems


Enabling Grid Resiliency & Availability

Power demands are continuing to rise and energy availability and reliability are becoming primary concerns for utilities, governments, independent power producers, industrial manufacturers and commercial campuses. All of these stakeholders need solutions to help provide a reliable and cost-efficient electricity supply. At the same time, distributed energy resources such as renewable power generation sources and energy storage are being added to the grid, creating new operational challenges, while also bringing new business opportunities and revenue streams. There is also is an increasing call for lower CO2 emissions, which drives demand for renewable based and high efficiency systems.

Creating a Localized Microgrid to Manage Distributed Energy

To effectively manage this dynamic energy landscape, power system operators are seeking out local distributed energy systems in the form of microgrids. These systems bring together a diverse mix of generation sources — including storage, energy monitoring and control solutions. This diverse mix establishes a localized microgrid that can operate in connection with the grid or separate from the grid. We offer unmatched flexibility depending on our clients' needs.

Reducing Grid Power Vulnerability

Grid power is inherently vulnerable to security threats due to their highly centralized and visible design. In addition, the cost of new grid capacity means the dramatic increase in demand for capacity and energy security must largely be met by diesel generators. Not only is diesel dirty and high in CO2 emissions, it is subject to immense price instability which can happen during periods of unrest involving oil producing states. The trend is green and renewable.


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Copyright by Renewable Development Corporation. All rights reserved.